EY Luxembourg – Safe return to physical work environments: Rapid workforce assessment

EY präsentiert das neue Tool „Return to Work Diagnostic“, dass den Unternehmen helfen sollte, die sichere Rückkehr ins Büro zu organisieren: EY präsentiert das neue Tool „Return to Work Diagnostic“, dass den Unternehmen helfen sollte, die sichere Rückkehr ins Büro zu organisieren:
During these past few months of responding to COVID-19, we realize you have been managing through the shock with a focus on continuity. As the economy is progressively reopening, we trust you are now moving to the “next” phase of the crisis and managing in a restricted business environment, while adapting your operations the “new normal” and looking for ways to increase resilience for the future. As we progress through these phases, we want to share our latest insights on problems and issues that you may be struggling to address on your own.
Many countries are easing COVID-19 related restrictions, enabling economic activity to move to a new level. Companies are shifting focus to planning a phased and safe return to physical work environments for more employees. The top three challenges’ companies are facing now include:

Who should return to on-site work in the first and subsequent waves?
How to ensure site safety, new occupancy and seating plans?
How to plan a successful and safe return?

The attached Return to Work Diagnostic tool has been developed to help you assess your current gaps – where you may find gaps, we can offer to you our insights and a planning session to help co-develop a response to the gaps identified.
Please feel free to click here, to download the tool.
We hope you find this useful. We are here to support you during this difficult time, and we are available to discuss any of these solutions for workforce planning in response to Covid-19 in more detail. If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or your EY Luxembourg key contact. We hope you are well and will continue to be safe during this crisis, and we will stay in touch with you to provide you with the latest information & newsletters on specific matters as the impacts of the pandemic continue to unfold.
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